What is the difference between the blue, red and pink label seasonings?

Our blue label is the original Santa Maria Seasoning that Susan began selling in 1981. In response to requests from our customers with dietary restrictions, we have developed two other seasoning blends that have a very similar flavor profile.

The red label Santa Maria Style Seasoning is made without monosodium glutamate, commonly referred to as MSG. Although MSG occurs naturally in many foods, such as tomatoes and cheeses, about 1% of the population has a glutamate (an amino acid) sensitivity, which results in headaches and/or flushed skin.

Our newest blend, the pink label Santa Maria Seasoning is sugar-free and made with a blend of Himalayan pink and pacific sea salts for people seeking a lower carbohydrate diet. We replaced the small amount of sugar in our other seasonings with stevia, a natural sweetener derived the leaves of a plant with the same name.

We have the full ingredients list for all of our seasonings available here.

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