How do I open stainless steel metal shaker?

We recently released a refillable metal seasoning shaker and have had some questions about how to open the top.

This article helps address common issues with opening the metal shaker, but if you are still having problems, please call us at (805) 937-2402 Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm PT so we can better assist you.

The metal container has two lids, one plastic outside lid that simply slips off when pulled. This plastic lid keeps moisture out and should be left on when the shaker is not in use to protect the shelf life of the seasoning inside. Moisture can cause clumping, but does not impact the quality or safety of the seasoning.


The metal lid fits snugly on to the top of the stainless steel container. It does not come straight off and needs a slight twist to unlock the lid from a small backwards L-shaped grove. Turn the lid counter clockwise to unlock and then pull straight up, being careful not to squeeze the metal container too hard, as it may bend the cylinder, making it harder to get the lid off. The first time you take off the lid, it may need a little wiggle as you pull up.

To put the lid back on, you can see the grove where the small indentation needs to fit. Put the indentation into that grove and push down with even pressure, then twist clockwise to secure it in place.




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