Should I buy Susie Q's products on Amazon, Ebay or other online marketplace?

A word of caution when purchasing Susie Q's products on Amazon, Ebay or other online marketplaces.

There are sellers on various online marketplaces that are selling our products without authorization. The products may be old, damaged by heat/moisture or even fake, as we do not allow our wholesale partners to sell online.

Susie Q's on Amazon
We do sell select products through Amazon, which allows our customers to take advantage of Prime shipping. It is usually ideal for customers who are only buying one item and live in the eastern United States where shipping costs would be higher.

Please be sure you're buying from "Susie Q's Santa Maria Style Foods" on Amazon to ensure you're getting fresh product direct from us.

Susie Q's on Ebay
We do not currently sell our products on Ebay, but you may find overpriced shakers of Santa Maria Style Seasoning on the marketplace. These are not authorized re-sellers and likely purchased the products at a local grocery store to sell online. How they acquired and stored the products before they make it to you is unknown to us, we take no responsibility for the quality or authenticity of any Susie Q's Brand products purchased through Ebay.

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