Who is Susie Q?

The story of our products begins more than a century ago on the central coast of California when local ranching traditions sparked what is today known as Santa Maria Style Barbeque—a famed culinary experience distinguished by its own unique cuts of meat, seasonings and native ingredients.

Susan Righetti, founder of Susie Q’s Brand, was raised among these traditions, growing up on a ranch and later working at her family’s famous restaurant, the Far Western Tavern.

Sharing her family’s enthusiasm for wholesome food and hospitality, Susan pioneered the idea of bringing the authentic flavors of Santa Maria Style Barbeque into households around the world.

In 1981 she established Susie Q’s Brand as the original maker of artisan foods capturing these savory flavors. Over the past 35 years, Susie Q’s Brand has grown into a family of products dedicated to the Santa Maria Style dining experience.

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